A video uploaded by a YouTuber on Instagram is going viral where he is walking with hot oil.what are the actual content of the video??

Internet is a place where in almost ever 2-3 days a video goes viral of something extraordinary. Some of them are so silly while other are funny or inspiring.

The internet has a mixed emotions about any such topics and every other netizen react differently on same topic.

One of the video which is going viral over the Internet is of this young boy who Walking with boiling hot oil is winning people’s heart over the Internet.

People are also comparing this viral video with the earliest video where a man dips his hand in a pot of hot boiling oil.

Boy Walking with boiling hot oil.

This video is of a young boy who is selling samosa while carrying a stove with pan of hot boiling oil over the streets.

Where this video came from??

This video is uploaded by a food vlogger from his instagram account which is @youtubeswadofficial.This video has got almost 5.4 million views and has almost 500k likes and over thousands of comments.

The people are inspired by his hard work and praising him with lovely comments.

What are people’s reaction on this?

People also commented on how hot the oil must be which he is holding, how heavy the utensils would be and such cleanliness he is providing.

Others additionally wrote that these samosas look “tasty” and how cheap these are.

This boy actually carries his pot of hot oil with his makeshift gas stove and sit at any place to sell the samosas. He charges only Rs.10 for 4 samosas.

What are your thoughts on this viral video.

Is this video worth the hype??

You are going to know this only by having a look at it.

Thank-you for reading till here!!