It is been reported that Airtel is going to receive $1billoin from Google for the India’s Digitization Fund.How will it provide new facility to the citizens of India? Look by yourself-

The Google and Airtel has joined their hands to be a long term multi-year partners to digitalize India through their India Digitization mission.

They officially announced to be partners on 28 January 2022.

For this partnership Google will invest $1 billion to Airtel which consist of $700 million (Rs. 5,224.4 crores) in total.

From previous years there has been a lots of changes which occurred because of technology development by which India got rid of problems like low access to people,expense and digital inclusions.

This year too India is going to to see a huge development in the digital world.

Another $300 million will be used over the next five years for many commercial promises such as making smartphone a bit cheap and affordable for everyone.

Google to invest $1 billion on India Digitization mission.

The aim is to attract more people towards the usage of Internet which will initially make India more digitalized.

If the whole population of India(1.3 billion)a big proportion of profit will be gained by these big companies.

This partnership will also help producers of smartphone because insufficient supply of parts make India’s producers not able to produce phone on a low cost.

It will also help the businessmen to progress on digital way of doing things as 5G is also on its way of rolling out on platform of India.

Airtel is the transformed the digital world of India in past 5 years.

Airtel on it’s own totally transformed the digital ecosystem of India in last 5 years.

Airtel has also conducted live 5G tests in many different cities, like Hyderabad and Kolkata, and has collaborated with several tech companies like Intel, Qualcomm, etc., on the 5G fronts.

It will be very interesting to see the transformations made by two huge companies.

We will be able to witness the changes in future.

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