Netflix has recently released it’s new show “all of us are dead?”which is highlighting on the internet.Will it be as good as the Squid Games were??

Last year or few months ago the squid games released by Netflix became very popular show and now they have released the new series “all of us are Dead?” which is comparatively as good as the Squid games.

The k-drama have became very popular in recent times and have been enjoying a wonderful response in the internet these day.After the South Korea released squid games these k-drama became worldwide favourite but none of them have come close in matching that global phenomenon in terms of viewership – until now.

What is “All Of Us Are DEAD??”

The”All Of Us Are DEAD?” series is a thrilling zombie based drama which has gathered an astonishing viewership in the first week.

In total, more than 124.7 million hours of the show were consumed by the subscribers on it’s first weekend and has became one of the top 10 series worldwide.

The making of this k-drama.

A terrifying show to binge watch for horror show lovers.

The project of this drama was announced in 2020 as a streaming show.It is based on Joo Dong-famous Geun’s Korean webtoon where the whole school is infected by some kind of virus and a group of uninfected students tries to escape in late 2000s.

Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-Su, are veteran Korean directors who are directing the show and the script is written by Chun Sung-il. Just like the Squid Game, Hellbound, and Alice in the wonderland,”All of Us Are Dead” seems to be another fascinating addition to Netflix’s non-English-language film category.

Kim Byung-Chul of SY Castle plays a professor in the K-drama.He teaches the students about the bond between a virus and humanities.

The plot of “All Of Us Are DEAD” k-drama.

The drama starts with a flashback of an empty building rooftop’s terrace at night where the son of science instructor Byeong-chan, is tormetted by his classmates.

Jin-su is beaten by a bully called Yoon Gwi-Nam. At this Time a virus within his body is transmitted to ji-sun and infects him.When he is about to be thrown out of the terrace he gets an extraorinary power and fights back.

Also, when Byeong-chan visits his kid in the hospital, he sees the monster he has produced due to his experiment. Later he tries to kill ji-sun but he doesn’t dies so he locks him in a room.

After that a girl whose name is Hyeon-Ju falls asleep in class and wakes up in the evening to find herself alone in the science lab. She hears some noise and also gets infected.

Swiftly the drama moves to leading characters and the story continues.Byeong-chan is now the only person who can potentially stop the virus from spreading, but he get caught by an officer.

Will he stop this virus or or will he let everyone perish to avenge his son’s tormentors?

Releasing date of this k-drama.

This k-drama will be available on Netflix and each episode will last an average of 42 minutes while the series will premiere on Netflix on January 28, 2022.

It is a mixture of great scripting,wonderful direction,a little bit of horror,social commentary and young talent.It is absolutely going to be a masterpiece.The show is based on a digital comic, Now at Our School, All of Us Are Dead.

People’s response towards All Of Us Are DEAD?.

All Of Us Are Dead has got a score of 100% on its 1st episode Rotten Tomatoes which continues to be a critical and commercial success.It is initially a 12-part series and follows a zombie apocalypse.

The fans have a great response on social media and predict that it could be going to be one of the biggest shows of the year.

Are you ready to binge watch it?

If you’re a zombie fan, you’re in for a treat.
All of Us Are Dead is now streaming on Netflix.

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