Today we all want to learn about something new but because of high charges we stop ourselves from doing so .But now here are best free courses that you can learn online.

Learning is a thing which anyone can do at any age anything anywhere.I t doesn’t matter if you are doing a job, are a student,a wife or anything.

Are you someone who always tries to learn something new?? Or someone who wants to do a part-time money earnings through mobile.

Or someone who is feeling worried about the studies because you have missed your classes and schools.

But the thing is that sometimes we do not want to spend money over something which is not that important.

So here are 8 website or apps in which you can learn different things free of cost from your home:-

1.Livechat Typing Speed Test.
5.Future learn


It is a free website where you can learn how to type faster and even learn how to do different controls if you don’t know.

This site is good for you if you are a beginner at coding, blogging, etc..


Edx is a free website which is organized by American Harvard and MITs.

Here you can learn almost anything like computer science,data science, business,healthcare,etc..It is free of cost for all courses.


If you are someone who is always wants to travel language is the key interact.

It is a free app which teaches you any language which you want like spanish, english, Hindi, french,etc..


Want to start a YouTube channel but not good at scripting?Or want to learn editing videos or something similar?

Skillshare is an app where people who are highly qualified will teach you and give you tips about the thing which you want.It might cost you a little.But is worth of money.Also some courses are free.


Are you worried about your studies, ambition, and career goals? Here is a free courses that you can learn online.

It is a website where no matter your goals, career ambitions, or fields of interest are you will have opportunities to learn, upskill, and discover.


Low at vocabulary and want to learn some more words so that you can communicate well?

It is a free app where you can develop your vocabulary just by guessing and playing games.Just one game a day can teach you a lot.


It is a website which is not just for learners but also for teachers.

Here you can teach what you are knowledgeable about and earn money from it.You can also learn data and computer science here.


Here is another website where you can learn different thing.And here you can even solve you mathematic problems.

Alison is a free website for all kinds of things, from professional development, to marketing and mathematics.

If you want to do something new you can always learn about it.

Pick any of these ways and develope your skills through these free courses that you can learn online.

Hope it helped you.

Thanks for reading till here!!