With the help of an organization it is been announced that Bihar’s Students will be helped through a Scholarship For Getting Admission Anywhere. Know how:

The affluent students of Bihar who are studying in 12th standard will be helped through a scholarship which is being provided by an organization namely “youth dreamers”.

Students whose family’s monthly income is 1.5 lakh or below this can apply for the scholarship till 15 March.

What will you get?

Through this scholarship any student will be able to get their admission in any courses mentioned – “B.A, BSC, B.Tech, MBBS and some other”.

The foundation’s admin also said that they have helped almost 10,000 student in Bihar to get admission with the help of some schools and colleges.

They have tried and aimed that none of the student will drop their studies or cancels their admission in their desired institution just because of issues related to money.

The applicant will be able to receive their scholarship till may 2022 after they will get selected it.

How to apply?

The name of this scholarship is “veena upendra scholarship” which will soon be available in the villages of Bihar as well.

For getting the form and applying for it you will have to go their official website which is “https://bit.ly/VUS2022-23“.There you will be required to put some of your information as well and your filled form will be completed just in 15 min.

Hope it may have helped you.

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