The BTS member Jimin is finally discharged after his sufferings.BTS army have a look at this article-

It was reported a few days ago that jimin was admitted to hospital because of abdominal pain and sore throat.

The abdominal pain resulted in Appendicitis.

For this he underwent an acute surgery on 31 January and there it was found that he also had covid-19.

Now after days of quarantine he is all well now.The big hits company assured the fans that he has been discharged now.Big hits company manages the BTS.

Statements of Big Hits Company:-

The big hits company said Jimin’s quarantine has concluded after his surgery for acute appendicitis as of this early morning(on 5th February).

Now after impatient care he has tested negative for covid-19 and is being discharged from hospital.

The company said he didn’t had any high symptoms during the surgery.A also the medical staffs said he will recover and healed soon.

According to reports Jimin is believed to be the fourth member of BTS to have COVID-19, following reports in December that RM, Jin and Suga tested positive and recovered.

The response of jimin towards his fans:-

Jimin recently, while being hospitalized, shared a post on Weverse updating armies about his health. He wrote: “You were worried about it right? I’m recovering well.

In another post he said”I’m worried and I’m afraid. Though, I think I will be able to leave the hospital soon! I’m recovering well. I also ate all three meals of rice (smiling emoji). Please wait a minute. I will recover my skills and go.”

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