A few days ago the troops of China entered the Indian border and exiled the herders from grazing their cattles. Check out the full reports:-

On January 28, 2022 a local citizen reported that some Chinese soldiers were walking in Indian territory and made the herders run away while they were grazing their cattles.

This statement was given was the Block Development Chairperson of Nyoma “Urgain Chodon” who used to be a councillor from BJP.

She also mentioned in her statement-“. There was an incident on January 28, when PLA troops came into our territory, they drove away the grazing herds from our own territory. They did not take anyone, but shooed the nomads and herds away”.

And she also tweeted a video about this.She told the place where this incident took place was Dogbuk.The video length was of 45 second.

But the officials declared that the video was old and shooted on summer days.

However, on this declaration Urgain said she only said what happened there and she is not telling a lie and an another video was originally made on 26th January.

She also told that a herder was interrogated and took to the police station and she by herself gone there to get him bailed.

On another day she made another tweet where she appreciated the government for their actions towards security of borders and also mentioned the government should fence the border in the area to resolve such issues.

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