The supporting actress in the web series “All Of Us Are DEAD?”has grabbed the most attention of the Netizens.Here is an article about it.

The recent web series released by Netflix has gained a huge popularity with it’s intense plot, thrilling storyline and talented cast.

Though every cast member of the series All Of Us Are DEAD has experienced admiration, the supporting actress has grabbed most the fame.

Supporting atress Cho Yi Hyun, plays the role of Choi Nam Ra in the series is garnering much attention.

Her acting skills and cuteness is the reason why people are loving her so much.

Choi Nam Ra’s character description:-

Cho Yi Hyun or Choi Nam Ra is the president of the class who just cares about her studies and ranks

She doesn’t want to have any type of fights, does not care about anyone or anything.Overall she is expressed as a cold-hearted girl.

In the beginning she was presented as a very cold-hearted girl but after the zombie outbreak her true nature appeared.

After some time she tries to help her school mates and batch mates by risking her own life.

The audience comments about her looks, confidence and acting skill as well as about her character.They said the supporting actress was the best”,and she’s the prettiest”.

They wants her to be upcoming dramas and series as well as All Of Us Are DEAD season 2.

More about Choi hi hyun:-

She is 22 years old and has debuted in k-drama by her first project which was a web drama titled Sweet Revenge.After this she was casted is many other series like bad papa Bad papa Papa, Hospital Playlist 1 & 2, School 2021 and more.

With this great popularity she got in this web series we will be able to see her in upcoming k-drama and web series soon.

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