It has been reported that the person who already had the vaccination are also being affected by omicron.Here are the differences in the symptoms-

Since recent times the government and doctor are suggesting us to get vaccinated as soon as possible to remain safe.

But according to the reports the vaccinated person are also affected by the omicron.While it’s symptoms are mild but are very dangerous.

So that’s why some people are questioning that what is the importance of the vaccination when a new and highly infective variant is able to affect them.

But it is not like that, vaccination is as much important for omicron as much it was for covid But the symptoms in both cases may vary.

How the vaccination is important?

The health experts says that a vaccinated person is able to escape the severe illnesses and shows a better response to the disease because of high immunity.

This happens because the vaccine makes high immune mechanism in the body.

While the unvaccinated person remains at a higher risk and because of low immunity can suffer from severe illnesses.

So now you know vaccination is actually important even for omicron.

Differences in symptoms:

Common symptoms of new variant are Headache, a mild fever, scratchy throat, extreme body pain, night sweats, vomiting and loss of appetite.But it also differ in vaccinated and unvaccinated ones.


Some of the common symptoms in vaccinated person are:-

  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Sore throat


Some of the common symptoms in unvaccinated person are:-

  • breathing difficulties
  • shortness of breath
  • hospitalizations
  • Severe cold

A fully vaccinated person will have symptoms for 2-3 days while an unvaccinated person will have symptoms for 5-6 days or more.

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