WhatsApp messenger has tested a new feature by which one can create links and Join through links of WhatsApp Calls. Know the details about this new update:

The WhatsApp has released several features and updates from last few months which bring some interesting stuffs to do on WhatsApp.

Recently WhatsApp has launched the features of liking messages or message reaction option and search options just were action the messenger.

Earlier, WhatsApp rolled out the facility to add calls after they started. On using this facility a person can add other people to an existing or in process call.

Now the company had been detected to test a new feature by which one can or the host of a call cam create a link of the call and share it to other user who are in their contact list.

By this link the other person will be able to join the call and communicate to the people who are already on the call. This function was also already on the messenger as well.

According to the report, this feature is still in development, so you are not able to do this right now, but the app is working on releasing this feature soon.

How is this going to be function:

Suppose any person has called another person on WhatsApp( a WhatsApp user) so, the person who has started the conversation is considered to be the host of the call.

Now if this person wants to invite another person or a group of people in the call he will enjoy to specifically add one by one each and every person.

But what if he generates a link and share it to the users of WhatsApp who are not even in their contact list. Their work will become a bit easier, right?

This is what this feature is going to do. And this isn’t cool that you can even contact to the person who is not in your contact list. Soon this feature will be released and could be really helpful.

WhatsApp Other Updates:

Apart from this, the app is working on many more features. In which the app was seen working on a new search message shortcut. And also soon users will be able to react to message using their desired emoji just like Instagram and messenger.

These were some of the past and future updates of the WhatsApp messenger which were seen or to be seen soon.

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