Recently it was reported that Elon Musk was all set to launch their internet network in India but now it is delayed with respect to Indian Government’s decision. What was the cause? Know the details here:-

Elon Musk was all set to introduce their satellite internet network named as starlink in India back in few months.

But now it is reported by the members of the company that they will return all the pre-booked money from Indian citizens because they are unable to get the required permissions.

What did happened ?

Starlink is a division of Musk’s SpaceX aerospace company. The company has already received more than 5,000 pre-orders for its devices in India.

But they are struggling hard to get a commercial license in India so that they can operate their network easily and freely.

The main reason behind the delay is the license which they aren’t able to get.

Starlink has begun emailing users in India offering refunds on their pre-orders. They said in their email “the refund will be issued immediately although it may take upto 10 days to be reflected into your bank account”.

One of the Reuters reported “As has always been the case, you can receive a refund at any time,” the company said in an email to one of its customers.

The head of Indian branch actions:

A year back Sanjay Bhargava, the director of Starlink company said that the company may register for a commercial licence on or before the end of January 2022. They tegistered their business in India in November 2021.

Sanjay Bhargava had said in a social media post last month, and a presentation showed that with an April rollout it targeted 200,000 devices in India by December 2022.

However,Bhargava said he has stepped down as country director and board chairman due to “personal reasons”.

Starlink has paid offering refund of almost $99 which is atleast the to users in India who had pre-booked the service.

Their Aim:

The company was reportedly aiming to provide high-speed Internet to ten rural Lok Sabha constituencies for 80 percent of the Starlink terminals shipped to India, according to a company executive.

The company made these Pre-booking orders on the advice of Department of telecom who said soon the starlink will get the license.

Hope they can have access to their license soon. They company also stated that India is one of their most important networks.

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