Google has announced a new version of chrome os as Chrome OS Flex. This is claimed to have a fast access to web apps and virtualization, faster boot, and background system update.

Flex does not support Android apps, parallel desktop, and Linux development environments.

It is built for schools and businesses the company added.Chrome OS Flex has the same code base and releases cadence as Chrome OS but with new features.

Users can install an early version of Chrome OS Flex for free on their computers. 


The system to have a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage.The company has also released a list of certified devices that are expected to work with Chrome OS Flex. 

How to install:

To install or try Chrome OS Flex, you would have to go to the Chrome web store on Windows, macS, or Chrome OS. Then, search for “Chromebook Recovery Utility” and install the extension.

Google is making it clear that Chrome OS Flex is still in early mode, so it will have bugs and issues.

So,” it is advised to the people to not download Chrome OS Flex on devices used daily “mentioned by Google.But soon the actual and supported version of it will be released.

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