Recently Google has announced to launch a new theme for their users that can grab their attention and comfortably. Know what is the change Google brought this time from here:

In recent few months Google tech has announced and released many changes in the chrome, and also new chromebook and other.

And now according to the reports it is been announced that Giant Google is testing a new “pitch – black” theme for the users on their demands.

The dark version of Google and Google chrome was already available on the desktops but it was not that dark or actually it was greyish in colour.

But we all love the darkest black theme not just because it looks classy but it also has some benefits like it reduces the strain on the eyes during long web-browsing sessions, and it saves battery on screen devices.

The company is said to roll out the new look as part of an A/B test in which it is currently available to only some users.

It is not permanent now it just comes to some users and within some times disappear or becomes normal. So, if anyone wants it as a permanent setting they need to enable it.

Steps for enabling darker mode:-

  1. Open any web browser on your PC.
  2. Visit google homepage –
  3. Click on Settings in the bottom right corner of the page.
  4. Click on Dark theme.

The change in pitch black color #00000 is noticed by some user and according to them the searching page was turned full black and even the links became bolder than earlier.

It is not been mentioned by the company about when is this going to be launched but according to their statement and functions it is estimated that this will be seen soon.

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