Google has announced that it will provide users a massive change in the Android appliances for the purpose of enabling security to users.Know the full information here:

In the last year apple opted for a major change in their iPhone what enables users to check and turn off their tracking of behavior over another apps.

Now Google has also announced to make this exact change in their Android phone for enhancing their features.

The privacy changes to Android, like Apple, “will limit sharing of user data with third parties and operate without cross-app identifiers,” Chavez said.

Antony Chavez is the head of Android product management.”The changes aren’t intended to go into place fully for “at least two years,” he added.

Facebook’s Statement Over This:

But on these changes a ad-based businesses like Facebook’s parent company Meta will be affected a lot.

Last year Facebook said it lost almost $10 in the last year because apple made this change. And now if this would be launched by Android as well it will be affected a lot.

That’s because Meta’s primary source of revenue is its advertising business, which is built on the massive database of user information.

Meta also reported that an another problem is faced by them where a major user drops is seen in last months making a big loss for them.

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