Google unveils Gmail new look where G-mail,chat and meet will be unified at one place so there will be no need to change between different apps. Read the full article to know the charges in it:-

Google is upto to introduce a new integration of Gmail where Google meet,Google chat and spaces will connect at one place.

If it would be enabled the user will be able to switch according to there preference from the same place in the desktop.You can attend meetings while having a conversation and there would be no need to open a new tab.

The changes that will take place:-

In the upcoming time you will also be able to email and chat results when using the search bar.

Timeline of the changes:-

At the beginning of 2022

  • The user can switch between classic Gmail and integrated Gmail so that they can test the new features.
  • When this will start Google will send updates on Google workshop about blogs, etc..

In the middle of 2022:-

  • Those who didn’t enabled these integrated features will be introduced to new ones but can also change to classic ones.

Almost at the end of 2022:-

  • Now users will have to opt the new features.
  • There would be no comebacks now.
  • They will also see new streamlined navigation experience on chat web.

The user now will not be able to see chat heads on the right of the desktop’s screen.

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