According to Budget 2022 the income from digital assets will be taxed from 1st April and is predicated to be profitable.

As crypto currency and digital assets like it are currently trending in India, the government also puts lime light on tax liabilities for virtual assets like cryptocurrencies and has proposed 30℅ tax on it recently

At an outset, it is a very progressive and a futuristic budget.The introduction of CBDC with the backbone of Blockchain will give us hold a powerful position in the global economy.

In past times the people were scepticle about digital asset especially cryptos that if it is legal or not though it was declared to be legal in India and the crypto industry were demanding for tax on it from a long time.Now this step provides the sector with much-needed clarity and confidence.

While taxation brings legitimacy to the industry, the tax proportion imposed  is a bit discouraging. As the loses would be set off, carrying forward of losses reduces the tax burden on the assesses. Moreover the crypto have not received the same treatment.

What does it implies on digital investors?

Our finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has declared to charge 30℅ tax on digital assets so that the
Investors trading with cryptocurrencies, now need to report gains or losses which cannot be balanced out with other sources of income in case of a loss. The government has set a fixed 30% rate in form of tax for virtual assets.

The statements given by finance minister.

While the presentation of the budget Nirmala Sitharaman also said that any exemption or deduction will not be allowed. Also a charge of 1 percent will be deducted on transaction and gifts from such sources will also be taxed.

” Any income from virtual digital assets is taxable at 30%; there will be no deduction with exception of cost of acquisition; TDS applicable beyond a specified monetary threshold; gift of virtual currencies taxable in the hands of recipient,” said Sitharaman in her speech.

The RBI has also been discussing about the central bank digital currency.RBI officials informed the board that a pilot project for the introduction of CBDC will be launched soon. 

The cryptocurrency gained an immense popularity in India in the last few year. With over 10 crore cryptocurrency investors, India has one of the biggest market of digital tokens. while Indian investors have put around Rs 45,000 crore in private cryptocurrencies.

What are CDBCs?

CBDCs are the virtual or electronic form of fiat currencies (like the Indian rupee or US dollar). Some of the international banks have also been planning of these currencies.

Are the taxes proposed ,a blow to virtual investors?

Proposed measure is a very stiff provision and will adversely impact investment and dealing in digital assets.

Also the TDS related provisions may lead to unwanted complications.If PAN of payee is not available, there could be TDS of 20%.Tax on digital asset’s gifting will act as a dampener.Overall, this could deal with a deadly blow on virtual digital ecosystem,” said Ashok Shah, Founding Partner, NA Shah Associates.