According to the reports it was recently discovered that Hackers have developed a new malware(software).They are mainly targeting the diplomates and defense department of India.Know the full information here:-

There has been founded a malware which is can steal your data and can have the access to your microphone and camera of you devices.

This malware is founded by the cyber security farm trend micro.The researcher were gathering information about this hacking tool from January 2020 to September 2021.

They informed that the hacking tool is named as capraRAT and the ATP36 have been caught using it.

This “capraRAT” group is also known as Earth Karkaddan, Operation C-Major, PROJECTM, Mythic Leopard and Transparent Tribe.

They also mentioned that it is just like the older malware crimsonRAT which was used by ATP36 in hacking windows.

The making of both of the software were founded to be same.

What can these malwares do:

These can hack your Android phones by the remote access trojan (RAT) programme.

It will get your details like location,call history,contact details,have access to your camera,microphone and can even record video clips.

It can reach to us as an information about corona,a honeytrap,an app or government documentary.

It is also declared as the modified version of crimsonRAT and also can later target the defense department.So earlier safety is important for us as well as our respective soldiers.

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