If you are willing to know about some exercises and stretches to lose your weight just by the home workout which you can even keep with your ongoing gym workouts, this article can help you in doing so:-

Exercising us the best way in which you can take care of your body. It is good for not only your body but also your mind.

Simple exercises are lot more easier to start with or to add in your ongoing gym routine. If you want to lose your weight faster,fain your weight faster,boost up your immunity or tone up your muscles home workouts and stretches are considered to be the best.

But there is a friend of exercise that will help you reach your destination because only doing a lots of exercise can not only help you.

You have to put a healthy balanced diet with it in terms of your goals. It just depends on what your goals are.

If you want to lose your weight then you must add nutrients and water rich products to your diet, if you want to gain weight you need to add carbohydrates and fats to your diet, if you want to gain or tone your muscles you will need to add proteins in your diet(along with other nutrients).

But for now let get to some hone based simple workouts :-


It strengthens your muscles in the core, shoulder, arms, chest, back, and hips. Along with these benefits, Plank exercises help in quickly burning the excess fats and calories from the body.

Types of planks:-

  • Standard plank
  • Mountain climbers
  • Reverse plank


The main aim of this exercise is to improve the lower part of the body. Squats help burn calories and prevent fat from accumulating in your lower part of the body. 


Lunges help in building lean muscle and reduce body fat.Lunges mainly focus on strengthening your back, hips, and legs. 


Push-ups exercise is very useful for weight loss.Push-up workout also focuses on your chest, shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps and also strengths the core muscles.


It focuses on multiple muscles like biceps, triceps, back and core.This workout can help you to get in shape, increase your ability to burn fat and boosts your metabolism.

Skipping Rope:

As well as being fun, skipping also builds muscle on the buttocks and sculpts the thighs. It will target your full body’s excess fats as well.


Yoga is a practice that can help build a stronger connection between your mind and body. It will help you to get into the body’s original shape and target the full body in losing the weight but it will also help you attain relaxation of mind.

Types of yoga(a few):

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Vinyasa
  • Bikram Yoga

These workouts/exercise and stretches can be done both by mens and womens as per their preference.

Thanks for reading till here!!