If you are good in Ethical hacking and want to serve the country, joining Indian Cyber Cell is the best option. Know more details about read this article:

India has a strong cybersecurity base and even spends a lot to protect and maintain the privacy and security of national data.

This new era has brought a drastic change in the documentation of informations. Nowadays each and every data is almost kept in a computer system. So the security of data have become essential these days.

All these factors tells us that government must have recircuitment for ethical hackers in their department but many of us doesn’t know about the jobs they offers.

So in this article we will discuss about the job recruitment for ethical hackers in government sector. People often wants to know about DCA and Indian Cyber Army so here is some information for it as well.


  • Educational qualification: Must be graduated from any stream ( But technical stream will make it easier to get a job in the cyber cell)
  • Age limit: 18 – 28 years.
  • Nationality: Indian ( In India ).
  • Skill: Right Skills in cyber security.

How to join Indian Cyber Cell:

To get into Indian Cyber Cell you will have to first CID, CBI or IB department by UPSC or SSC- CGL examination.

After qualifying one of these examination if you want to join Cyber Cell you you can apply for it.

They will test your skills in cyber security, forensic, etc. Then you will be selected for cyber cell department.

You can join cyber cell through contact bases also. For it you must be graduated from a technical stream like (B.tech C.S.E, BSc C.S.E, BCA, IT). Then after your skills testing, you can get a job in a cyber cell.


  • Analyst – 4.89 Lakhs/ Year
  • Informational Security Analyst – 5.48 Lakhs/ Year
  • Security Consultant – 8.72 Lakhs/ Year
  • Certified Ethical Hacker4.91 Lakhs/ Year
  • Penetration Tester – 5.96 Lakhs/ Year
  • Forensic – 5.53 Lakhs/ Year

Indian Cyber Army:

The Indian Cyber Army is the national defense department who protects the data of Indian Army and Indian government. It ensures the safety and security of national data from cyber threats.

They fight against Cyber Crime and with sole aim to research, analyze, train and develop technology. Indian Cyber Army has a large team of Ethical Hacker, Security Experts, and Programmers.

Defense Cyber Agency (DCA):

Defence Cyber Agency is a tri-service command ( Army, Navy, Airforce) which is responsible for handling cyber security threats.

DCA was active since November 2019. The DCA draws personnel from all three branches of the Armed Forces.

They have the capability to hack into networks, mount surveillance operations, lay honeypot, recover deleted data from hard drives and cellphones.

They can also break into encrypted communication channels, and perform other complex objectives.

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