In this article you can find informations about the RAW Department and how to get into the Indian RAW Department for example you can find informations about the eligibility, posts, salary, etc..

The Indian RAW Department has became famous these data. The popular movies in the Indian Cinema features the RAW agents. But becoming a RAW agent is not that easy.

RAW is the external intelligence agency of India that works in the shadows to keep our country safe. RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing of India. This agency mainly works secretly.

It protects the country for external as well as internal threats given by terrorists, cyber hackers, or many other groups like these which work secretly to attack on any country.

This job is considered to be a very prestigious job almost all over the world however, getting into it is not that easy. There are various criteria that need to be fulfilled if you want to apply for a job at RAW.

So, let us dig into the the eligibility, education and other criterion required by an aspirant to join this department and we will further discuss about some more stuffs regarding the topic.


  • Age Limit- less than 56 years and more than 20 years.
  • Should know atleast one foreign language.
  • No criminal history and should not ever had drugs.
  • Should be a patriot and is ready to work anytime.
  • Nationality- Indian Citizen.
  • A good extensive and diverse skill.

Educational Requirement:

Should be graduated/ done UG course from a reputed college or University.

How To Join RAW:-

At first you need to qualify the CGPE ( Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam) conducted by SSC (Staff Selection Commission).

You are required to give examination in ‘Group A’ section to become a RAW agent. After qualifying and some other procedures you will be able to give the RAW test.

The selection process is RAW is kind of secretive, however, many believes that there is a higher chance to get into the RAW by joining any of the 3 armed forces.

The Direct Entry Into RAW is also famous but this procedure tales place one in a blue moon. Even is you get selected by the RAW administration in any college, you need to pass the National Aptitude Test.

Before being selected as a RAW officer, the civil servants must complete a foundation course from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. 

Training: after getting recircuited you will have to quit your other present Jon. You will be required to join a 10-days basic training at Delhi after which you will go under extensive training.

Roles Of a RAW Agent:

Some of the major roles of a RAW agents includes-

  • Gathering foreign intelligence
  • Conducting counter- terrorism operations
  • Advising policy makers in the country
  • Counter- proliferation
  • Securing nuclear program of the country

Job Profile in RAW Department:-

These are the mostly known jobs that are offered by the Indian RAW Department:

  • Secretary (group A officers).
  • Special secretary (group A officers).
  • Joint secretary (group A officers).
  • Deputy secretary (group A officers).
  • Senior field officer (B/C group officers).
  • Field officer (B/C group officers)
  • Deputy field officer (group B/C officers).
  • Assistant field officer (group B/C officers).


According to some unofficial sources on the internet, it is estimated that they get Rs. 80000/- to Rs. 130000/- per month.

Skill Requirements:

  • Your communication skills should be fantastic.
  • Candidates with diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • You must have to capability to judge the situation quickly and take action to avoid risk.
  • Self-motivation and a zeal.
  • Professionalism and personal integrity.

Some Other Facts About RAW Agents.

The RAW agents are monitored 24×7 so there would be no personal life of an agent of their own.

An active RAW agent is not allowed to share their real identity to anyone even if they are very close to them.

Many a time, even government disowns secret agents if they get caught in a foreign country.

The lives of the agents are mostly at a danger and if they are arrested the agency will have to delete his record and disown him.

If you are an Undercover cop then even if you die while fulfilling your duty no respect or honor will be given to you officially.

Being a RAW official is not a easy task to do however, if there is patriotism and courage within your mind and heart you will definitely be able to achieve the success.

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