Are you a student and dreaming of earning money but without any investment?Here are some easiest and real ways to earn money online from home without any investment for students.

Teenage life is a phase of life where every individual wants to have something extra and to be up-to-date and also support their family at some points.

For this we ask our parents for money.But for some students,all days are not the same. And because of this they are not able to get what they want.

They want a part-time job where they can spend some time to work and also don’t affect their studies.

They also search for some kind of stuffs that almost require no or less investment of money which are also reliable and trustworthy.

Here are a couple of ways from where anyone can earn money online:-

  • Blogging
  • Editing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reselling
  • Vlogging
  • Selling Notes
  • Through different apps
  • Freelance

These are some part-time jobs that a student or almost anyone can pursue to earn online.


You are already reading a blog and this is how you are going to know it is not a hard thing to do.

Blogging is just based on consistency, content and a lit bit of hard work+time.

I know you might think how you gonna do that and what does it require but there is no need of any investment with this work.

You only have to be patient and keep on doing the great contents.T he Google Adsense will pay you for your blog which you can transfer to your account.


A large proportion of the population creates content on many different apps like YouTube, Instagram,Twitch,etc..

But all of them don’t really know how to edit their videos and searches for someone who can edit it for them.

If you are someone who knows editing well you can always charge any reasonable amount from the creator to edit their videos.

These are also really easy to do so you can even learn it from different ways.

3.Affiliate Marketing:

It is a business rewards of one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer which are brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts is known as Affiliate marketing.

It is a type of performance-based marketing. They need to advertise there products and services on their website.

You could give a free ebook you wrote to any follower who makes a purchase.

People also ask- Do you need a website to do affiliate marketing?While becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t require you to own a blog or website.


There are even apps which will give a descent amount of money just by offering a small task.

They just want you to promote their apps or website by sharing the link of their products.

If anyone will buy from your link they will give you a percentage of the price of product.It depends on you how nicely you are gonna present them.

It is a job which actually any one, a student,a housewife or even an employed person could do.


We are already familiar with vlogging as nowadays every YouTuber makes vlogs at there channels.

Some may think vlogging is very hard task to do or being a vloggers requires high end equipments.

But the fact is that you can even start vlogging by just a smartphone having a descent quality camera and a small mic.You can even invest on DSLR but it is not compulsory at all.

It is a dream of many students, if yours too you can fulfill it easily.

6.Selling Notes:

Reselling notes is the best way to earn money where you will not affect your studies even a little bit.

It may sound weird that how anyone will purchase your notes and how will you be able to sell them?

If you have last year’s school notes, semester’s notes, or even some competitive exams notes. You can sell them to other peoples or juniors who really need them.

But let me tell you there are even some websites which purchase your notes if you sell them by converting them into Ebooks.You can sell these on insta mojo.Instamojo is a payment gateway that helps small businesses to get their payments.

7.Through Apps:

There are many applications or apps that offer a descent amount of money just to play different games and promote their apps.

These apps only require a little investment of money such as 50-100 rupees.Others may also do not require any amount of money.

The amount of earning you can do depends upon how much time you are giving to these apps.They are also quite easy to use.

Some of these applications are winzo, dream 11. Etc..


Becoming a freelancer is one of the easiest job that an individual can do to earn money online without any investment.

A freelancer is a person who does any work given by another person at some limited time.You can choose whatever work you want to do.

You can edit someone’s pictures, write blogs for another person’s website, or any other tasks in which you are an expert or have a knowledge about it.

You can also design logos, do voiceover and another works to earn a descent amount of money.

Here is how you can earn money online from home while studying.

If you are a dreamer, you can also pursue some of these as hour career options.

But for now these are the coolest ways of earning atleast 20k to 30k while managing your studies.

Thanks for reading till here!!