If you have prepared your mind for being a navy but don’t know how to prepare for exams, don’t know the eligibility or want to know full details for preparation here is some information for you .

Being a defence officer us a matter of proud for anyone. An officer has to be courageous and smart as well as punctual. If you have gained these qualities that are actually important, as important as your preparation you are all set to dive into this career.

Indian Navy SSR (Senior Secondary Recruit) Exam is the entrance exam for it. This is believed that it is one of the difficult competitive exams which require a lot of concentration and hard work while preparing.

So you must be prepared for it as it not only does provide you perks, salary, adventurers, medical benefits but it also gives you a lots of respect.

Here are some of the basic but important tips that you should focus on for before giving the entrance exam.


The candidates must have passed 10+2 with 60% in maths and physics and the minor subjects such as chemistry/computer science/biology.

After this you should be physically and mentally fit. You should be able to do a 1.6 km run completed in 7 minutes, 20 squat-ups and 10 push-ups for the purpose of passing physical fitness.

Pattern of question paper:

The question papers will be objective type and syllabus would be provided on the official website of Indian Navy.

There will be 4 section of paper each of 25 marks which consist of 100 questions that should be done in 60 minutes.

The subjects include English, Mathematics, Science and General knowledge.

The questions will be provided in Hindi+ English language.T he candidates will be required to pass in all sections.

Points to focus while preparation:

Managing time:

Time management is the key in the preparation of Indian Navy. Even if you know all the answers but don’t have the time you will not be able to qualify.

You will need to divide your total time to each question to finish the exam in one hour.

Making a study schedule:

It will help you in completing the syllabus in proper time. You can start the preparation with easiest subject to complete in due time.

Solve the previous year papers and try to make a notes of key points which you study.

When you will get selected you will undergo training following professionals.

All subjects are important but focussing a bit more on general knowledge will help you alot.

Important topics in Each Subject:


  • Logarithms,
  • complex numbers,
  • equations,
  • trigonometry,
  • circles,
  • permutations and combinations,
  • logarithmic series,
  • statistics,
  • probability function,
  • binomial theorems,
  • matrices and definite integrals


  • Kinematics,
  • energy and power,
  • motion of system,
  • thermodynamics,
  • electrostatics,
  • oscillations,
  • electromagnetic,
  • current electricity,
  • electromagnetic waves,
  • organic chemistry,
  • computer science
  • human diseases


  • Correction of sentences,
  • active to passive,
  • punctuations,
  • synonyms and antonyms,
  • compound prepositions
  • use of adjectives

General knowledge:

  • Freedom movement,
  • mountains,
  • ports,
  • championships,
  • current affairs,
  • national languages,
  • flags, capital and currencies,
  • abbreviations,
  • eminent personalities,
  • authors
  • coding & decoding

The key is to focus on 10+2 syllabus as the most important topics originates from them.

Thanks for reading till here!!