The Huawei got a 150 crore contract from Bharti Airtel for the network upgradation under his project (NLD).Check out the full information to know the deal and changes that are going to happen.

From the reports Huawei recently received a telecom infrastructure expansion contract from Bharti Airtel.

Huawei is a chinese vender company.This company provides information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

Bharti Airtel is the second largest  telecom operator company of India (which has the second largest population in the world).

And since the issue of “sino- Indian”was going through the country from almost last 18 months,Huawei was facing a great loss in this sector.

What the deal is all about?

This deal is a part of an older contract signed by both the companies.The contract was about the expansion of  “National Long Distance (NLD) network”

People familiar with the deal said this deal is based on the same mandatory rules and regulations set by National security council Secretariat but the orders are different.

What was the older deal?

The older deal was similar to this one but that was worth almost 300 crore.

As Huawei is a chinese company many allegations were made on it.This is the reason why it was losing it’s orders which were fulfilled by another foreign country.

The contract resides under this Chinese company which was facing huge uncertainty over its involvement in telecom network specifically in development of 5G network.

Because of allegations in cyber-snooping Huawei has rejected any wrong doing.

Vodafone Idea’s deal with ZTE:

The VI has made a similar contract with ZTE which was of $2 million.It’s purpose is same as the contract of Airtel and Huawei but on a smaller scale.

VI was upto to this contract with Huawei but Huawei denied because of payment issue.

NLD is an important part of telecom network and helps maintain network capacity.It also regulates traffic of networks.

Both telecom operators took approval from the authority of NSCS for network upgradation and expansion’s order.These took permission when the NSCS hasn’t given any “trusted product” approval to any company.

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