If you want to join the Indian Army and doesn’t know about the posts and services they offer here is some information for clearing your doubts.

The Indian Army is the oldest armed forces active in the country for protect on borders.The Indian Army is one of the hardest platforms to reach on.

The army training includes both offense and defensive operations.The army recruits candidates both for its technical and non-technical branches.

The Indian Army has a division of works that offers candidates to join according to their specialization like technical work, medical work, military intelligence, armed crops.

First we should know about the types of jobs or the division of jobs it has so that a person could get the information about their interest field:-

List of Professions offered by Indian Army:

  • Infantry: those officers who fights on the ground by just their foot.
  • Artillery:the officers who do sniping, uses rockets, missiles, etc..
  • Armoured Crops:The armoured corps consists of battalions of tanks and other armoured vehicles. 
  • Engineer:the officers who are responsible for construction of infrastructure damaged during war.
  • ASC: these responsible for the movement of troops, vehicles, rations, petrol/diesel, arms, etc..
  • Signal:the officers who are responsible for quick delivery of information to the headquarters during war.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineers:the officers who are responsible for maintenance of guns, missiles, etc..
  • Intelligence Corps:the officers who collection, analysis and interpretation of information about the enemy troops including their movements and plans.
  • Ordinance Corps:these are responsible for the storage of all equipments.
  • Army Medical Corps:During a conflict they provide emergency medical care to the wounded officers and troops on the battlefront.
  • Nursing officers: the officers who provide nursing and takes care of the military patient.
  • Dental officers:those who provide dental care to military officers.
  • Education Corps: the officers who provide information to the forces about guns, missiles and other things.
  • Veterinary Corps:those who takes care of the animals present on the battlefield
  • Military Police:these are responsible for maintaining discipline and order among the troops of the armed forces.
  • Judge advocate general:legal help to the army for handling various civil cases
  • Postal Services:these fulfill the postal requirements of the officers.

Ways to join Indian Army:

For undergraduate:

  • Pass the National Defense Academy (NDA)in any stream.

For postgraduate:

  • Do graduation and give CDS exam.
  • Enter through University Entry Scheme.
  • Enter through Technical Graduate Course (TGC).
  • Register in Technical entry scheme (TES).
  • Army Education Corp (ACE) for Male.
  • Join through NCC.
  • Join from SSC (JAG) Men/ Women.
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