The government has recently noticed some risky points in Google chrome browser and issued warning for chrome users.Is Google Chrome Risky To Use? Know the full information here:-

In almost every mobile phone you’ll find the chrome browser and not only in mobile phones people do use the chrome browser on their PCs as well.

So we all know chrome browser is has very wide popularity and millions of people are using it.

And as the giant Google’s chrome has a good amount of our personal detail’s access in the system/phone.The hackers would try to find ways for hacking the browser to get those information.

At this point if any bugs will be founded in the browser then using it would be risky and it will definitely be an issue for us.

Electronics and Information Technology’s Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) has recently founded almost 27 bugs in the chrome browser.

The bugs are related to web app, user interface, screen capture, file API, autofill and developer tools.

These bugs were found in the older version of Google chrome which was version 98.0.4758.80.

If these not solved the risk of cyber crime will increase.

Action of Google on this issue:

After knowing about these reports the Giant chrome has urgently released new version of Google chrome.

The new version has fixed 27 security issues which will be available to the users soon.

Some of them have already released such as version chrome 98, 98.0.4758.80/81/82 for Windows and 98.0.4758.80 for mac and linux.

The Google published a blog saying all these words.They also highlighted the fixes that were contributed by external researchers.

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