The first and oldest university in the world NALANDA UNIVERSITY to be  rebuilt soon after years of discussion.Here is some information about it.

Nalanda University is the first built university in the world.It was said to be located in Magadh. But Magadh is known as Bihar now.Rajgir is the place where it is built.

It is a built in a huge area and was very royal.The students who came from outside India used to stay there.

Income from a number of villages, and funds from kings, supported the ancient Nalanda.

It is also famous for it’s huge library.Its library contained over thousands and thousands of books.


It was built by King Kumargupta I in the 5th century and was abandoned in 13th century.

The actual name of the university is “Nalanda Mahavira”.As it was the only university at that time people from all over the world came to study here.

Many languages along with Chinese,tibetian,sanskrit etc. were taught there.It had the most eligible teachers.

The university accommodated over 10,000 students and 3,000 teachers when Buddhist scholar Hsuan Tsang visited the university.Not only different languages but also literature and mathematics were taught there.


But in the late 13th century the group on invaders came to India and destroyed the charm.

The troops of the Gurhid Empire and general Bakhtiyar khilji destroy the university and the areas around it.

All Buddhist and Hindu who used to live there were slained.After that he tried to capture the whole area and spread Islam but wasn’t able to do it.

It is said that the library contained so many books that when it was set into fire it burnt to several days.

Reconstruction of NALANDA UNIVERSITY:

Almost 500 dollar will be required to rebuild the university and 500 dollars to improve the surrounding.

The idea of setting up Nalanda again is brilliant but we need to understand the real essence of Nalanda. It embodied universality,” said Phagun Pathak, a educationalist based in Delhi.

India has teamed up with both the government and abroad university to rebuild the charm.

Experts say rebuilding the university will help revive India’s global role.

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