After two or more trials to revive the old designs of Nalanda University it has finally reformed to a whole new structure.Have a look by yourself that how the oldest university has totally changed-

After 8 long centuries NALANDA UNIVERSITY has finally reconstructed with a whole new look which looks as fabulous as the old one.

The pictures of the new campus is going viral over the Internet.

The chief minister of Bihar is being praised for his work very much over the social media.

The reconstruction of the university will definitely make Bihar feel proud.

Nalanda University is famous for its iconic construction since the oldest times.

It was built in the 5th century and was destroyed in the 13th century.

Founded in 427 C.E., Nalanda Mahavihara, or Nalanda University, lasted for over 700 hundred years.

The archeologist excavated the ruins of this university in 1915–1937, 1974–1982.

Since the time it was discovered it became a spot of tourist.People came from different places to visit the university and watch the magnificent look of it.

It was also discovered that it was the first and the oldest university in the world.

It was the dream of the government to reconstruct the beauty from a long time.For this they raised fund from different countries and even spend money from their side(government side).

Now finally the dream came true and they converted the old charm into new elegance.

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