The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk ‘s company Tesla is soon going to launch their smartphone with the idealistic and super amazing features. What would be the launching dates, features and details about it. Know everything here:

A rumour was spread in the back days about a mobile phone that is going to be launched in the year 2022 by the automobiles company Tesla.

We all know Tesla company that is operated by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. The comp builds the best cars or electronic cars.

However, now the rumours are on the way to become a truth as many trusted sources claims that Tesla is actually building a smartphone which is very different from others.

Everytime the Tesla company and Elon Musk bring something very special and extraordinary so the smartphones are to be expected just like the cars and their telecom networks.

Features and Specifications:-

Tesla Model Pi Phone is going to be the craziest smartphone, as it comes with unbelievable features that make this smartphone a next-generation smartphone.

It comes with Nura-Link Feature which allows the users to control their smartphone with their mind without touching it as it can catch the ranges released from our mind.

It will use the direct connection from starlink spacex providing a high-end 200 mbps speed in one second.

This phone is made to operate even when you are on mars. and tesla mode pi will have the feature to mine mars cryptocurrency.

It can be charged from solar power with an AMOLED display and corning gorilla glass 6 from both front and back also an in-camera lens.


The smartphones are going to have some of the futuristic and rare specifications so it can be said that that the is going to be pricey, a lot more pricey than iPhone.

According to sources the price of phone in USA can be almost  $1,059.89 USD in the USA that means almost 80000 Rs. In Indian rupees. But the prices can vary from one country to another country.

Launching Dates:-

The phone are assumed to be launched this year at any time( month).

It will Launch in the USA (United States of America) first then in other countries like India, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

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