The shopee which is a shopping site is (claimed to be a Chinese e-commerce) troubling India in its economy.How is it doing so? Look at this article to know the full information-

You must be knowing about shopee,right??

If not, then shopee is a shopping website which sells products at a very low cost such as at ₹29,₹49,₹99 etc.

But shopee is not helping everyone by making products cheap,it is actually harming the country.

At this point the question raises in the mind of people that how is it harming the country if it is just making things cheaper and available for everyone?

How is shopee harming us?

Shopee website make things very cheap because of this competitive of this site will fall down as people will be attracted to the cheap products.

Because of this the Indian market will be harmed.By doing this shopee is also violating the competition act.

According to the CCI, CAIT chairman “Praveen Khandelwal” setting up such predatory price will at the end eliminate the small businesses of the citizens of India.

This step of shopee can make poverty line even bigger.

The company’s statement over the allegation made on it.

Shopee claims to be a Singaporean company.

But on researching it was found that the owner of this company is a Chinese who converted himself into a Singaporean few years ago.

Also almost 25℅ of the shares of company are owned by tencent(a chinese company).

The company also added that it is already supporting the small businesses of the country.

It said every country complains about its this action.And said it is fine for them.But it has also violated FDI act.

But the Indian government didn’t accept these statements and finally the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has moved to the Competition Commission of India (CCI) against ‘Chinese’ e-commerce firm Shopee.

Netizens demands to ban shopee.

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