If you want to prepare for engineering and are looking for some college option in India,here is a list of those with brief description.

In India a large proportion of the students population chooses science as their course and many of them chooses to became an engineer after 12 th as their career options.

If you have cleared your JEE entrance exam and now looking for some reputed college/university to build your career,then here is a list of top 8 engineering college in India that you should definitely check out:

List of Top 8 college in India:

  1. Indian institute of technology Bombay
  2. Indian institute of technology Madras
  3. Indian institute of technology Delhi
  4. Indian institute of technology Khagrapur
  5. International institute of information technology Hyderabad
  6. Indraprastha institute of information technology Delhi
  7. Institute of technology Guwahati
  8. Institute of technology,Banaras Hindu university Varanasi

Indian institute of technology Bombay:

It is a public technical university located in Powai in Mumbai.It is 545 acres in area.It has total number of 10,079 students and 670 academic staffs.

It gives degrees such as bachelor of science,master of science,bachelor of technology,master of technology.

It also offers doctral degree in science,technology,mathematics and engineering.

Currently it has a total of 15 academic departments, 20 centres, a school of excellence.

Indian institute of technology Madras:

It is a public technical university located in Chennai,Tamil Nadu.It has total number of 8,922 students and 544 academic staffs.

It is first ranked university in India.IIT Madras provides residential accommodation for its students.It has 2 schools,3 temples and 3 bank branches,hospital,hostel,stadium and everything you want.

It provide degrees across 16 disciplines in Engineering, Sciences, Humanities and Management. It in 620 acres in area.

It has almost 100 laboratory and 16 academic and advanced research center.

Indian institute of technology Delhi:

It is located in Hauz khas in Delhi(south Delhi).It is a public technical university.It has a total number of 8,703 students and 654 academic staffs.

It is 320 acres in areas and has it has two campuses, jhhagir campus and sonipat campus.

It offers degree in bachelor of technology in various fields as well as dual degree B.Tech – M.Tech programs.

It also provides postgraduate programs offering M.Tech (by coursework), M.S. (by research), M.Sc., M. Des., MBA (DMS Delhi) under various departments and centres.

Indian institute of technology Khagrapur:

It is a public technical university located in khagrapur,West Bengal. It is 2,100 acres in area.It has total number of 11,794, 15,000 administrative staff and 809 academic staff.

It has 22 hostels and a grand extension at kolkata for for continuing education programmes, distance learning courses, and guesthouse accommodation. 

It has 19 academic department,16 schools and 25 research center.

It provides B.tech,BArch degree.It also offer many other degrees regarding law and technology.

International institute of information technology Hyderabad.

It is a private deemed college located in Telangana,hyderabad.The institute counts around 1800 students and over 85 faculty members.

It is spread over 66 acres.It has 4 building corporate houses and research center. It also has academic building has the lecture halls, tutorial rooms, computer and electronics labs and offices of the administration and faculty.

It provides degree in bachelor of technology,B. Tech,B.tech honours to ungraduate in computer science,engineering etc..

It provides postgraduate degree in master of technology Computer Aided Structural Engineering, Computer Science and Information Security.and also master of science and master of philosophy.

Indraprastha institute of information technology Delhi:

It is located in Delhi and is a autonomous state university. 

It is a research-oriented institute with a focus on Computer Science and allied areas.

The campus consists of an academic complex, a library and information center, a dining and recreation centre, and hostels.

It provides degree of b.tech,m.tech,m. SC,mba,pg diploma,certificate of specific subjects,M. Des.

Institute of technology Guwahati:

It is a public technical university located in Amingaon area constructed by the government.

It has total number of 5,717 students and 413 academic staff. It is spread over 700 acres.

IIT Guwahati is a fully residential campus. Every student at IIT Guwahati is given a separate room.The hostels have 24 hours Internet facility.

It is the fastest and most powerful super computer in northeastern, eastern and southern regions of the country so is called Param-Ishan (they hosts it).

Institute of technology,Banaras Hindu university Varanasi:

It is a collegiate central university located in Varanasi,Banaras.It is spread over an area of 1,307 acres.

It has total number of 39,689 student The south campus, spread over 2,700 acres.

BHU is organized into six institutes and 14 faculties (streams) and about 140 departments.And has 25 hostels.

The Institute of Science, originally established as the Faculty of Science and later upgraded, provides education in zoology,botany etc..

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