If you have dreamt to be a part of the Giant Google company and wants to know about the jobs they offer, eligibility, how to apply, like questions these given information can definitely help you in getting your answers.

The Tech Giant Google is recorded as one of the highest paying company in the world and one of the reputed jobs one can do.

Who doesn’t know about google,right?

Is is a huge company which has a lots and lots of tasks do to from maintenance of system, ranking of websites, management of Adsense, Refining of search options all these are done may be manually.

Yes, I know computer does the above mentioned jobs but any person will be required to maintain these, right?

That is here we know it will offer a huge job recruitment all over the world every year.

There are a number of perks also that Google provide. Google is with all the unlimited free food, nap pods, massage rooms, slides, and a mile-long list of other perks..

But before entering the world of tech based Google company you must know about some basic information about the jobs they offer, the qualifications they want, application for jobs and interviews type of stuffs.

So, first of all let us know the types of jobs they offer:-

The Tech Giant Google offer jobs on 3 main basis which are:

  • Designing: they offer jobs Like UI/UX designer, UX writer, visual designer, UX researcher, etc.
  • Engineering: they offer technical jobs like software engineering, STA engineering, application development, product management, etc.
  • Business management: they offer non-profit technical jobs like quantitative business analysis, business operations management, sales strategy, etc.

Qualifications you need:

Mostly Google requires a bachelor’s degree such as bachelor of technology B.Tech and yes, it is if you do have some experience or no experience but a good amount of knowledge about any of the above mentioned fields.

You are actually eligible for the Google because they are not that interested in a degree but likes a knowledgeable person .

Can a fresher apply for Google?

Although many jobs at Google require at least a few years of experience, Google does hire recent graduates.

Google has a AMP Program for recent graduates who are inclined towards engineering, product strategy, and design for the purpose of training them.

If you want to apply as a fresher your presentation must need to stand out from the crowd and problem-solving. If you are capable of this you are just ready to be a part of the Giant company.

But if you are not sure about these a Google interview will help you as Google will take a virtual interview of you before providing the job (which is obvious).

How to apply for the jobs:

There are initially 4 ways of starting your Journey to Google:

  • APAC TEST: Google organises a coding consent almost every year where competitors with highest skills gets an opportunity to work at Google in technical field. This is offered in Asia-Pacific.
  • Online Appliance: you can apply from their website by entering your field, location, skill and experience.
  • Campus Placement: the Google even visits the universities like IIT, NIT, DTU, etc. to choose some employees.
  • Referrals: if you know someone working at Google and can manage to get a referral from them it can also help you get a job there.

Process after appliance:

It takes almost six weeks for them to grant and review your application after which their professional will take an interview of you for further works.

Hangout Interview:

After they review your application they will take a hangout interview. This interview focuses on evaluating your role-related knowledge.

For technical roles, this interview covers your knowledge of data structures and algorithms. It is a tip to give answers with regards to your personal experience for impressing them.

Video Interview:

After the first interview they will take an on-site interview.Google conducts four subsequent video or in-office interviews with different Googlers.

Google interview questions cover four key points – general cognitive ability, leadership, role-related knowledge, and individuality and response to ambiguity.

Some of the best benefits are given to employees such as student loan reimbursement, workplace accommodations for physical or mental health concerns, and survivor income benefit.

There is no fixed schedule, and employees are encouraged to work on their own terms. This allows Googlers the freedom to think as creatively as they can.

So working at Google can be a interesting and reputable job to do.Y you can apply for these from all over the world,including India.

Hope it may have helped you.

Thanks for reading till here!!