If you are trying to get a job in the Indian Airlines and want to know the types of jobs that are available in the Indian Airlines Department and qualifications for them then this article contains your that specific answers.

The Airline sounds so fancy,right. If a person is working at an Airline Department like they are doing a pilot or an air hostess job they generally get the respect.

This is a field which is not that famous but very interesting and reputable. There too being in an Airline Department is good but a government Airline Department is like the charm added to a gift.

Many people wants to join this department but are not aware of what these jobs exactly are and what the need. So the information is given here for you.

But if you are confused is it worth or not then let me tell you it will provide a multiple perks to you like vacation pay, sick pay, dental care, vision care,life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment coverage, discounts on airfare and many more.

So here are the jobs offered by the Indian Airlines Department/Any Airlines Department:

  • Flight Attendant Jobs: their job is to make the passengers comfortable.
  • Airline Administrative Support:These include secretaries, data entry workers, receptionists, communications and PR specialists,etc..
  • Operation Agent: their job is mainly receiving and transmitting information from and to pilots, ground crew, and other personnel.
  • Avionics Technicians: It includes troubleshooting, repairing, calibration, replacing, and installing avionics equipment
  • Regional Sales Manager: it consists of  district’s reservations and ticket sales office’s service.
  • Flight Dispatcher: This includes preparing a flight plan before the flight take offs.
  • Ground / Airport Station Attendant: their general duty is to attend the in-flight and after flight passenger and fulfill their needs.
  • Aviation Meteorologist: they provide weather information to airline flight dispatchers and pilots. 
  • Passenger Service Agent: it include issuing refunds to passengers, computing fares, preparing and selling tickets, collecting charges for excess baggage, checking baggage, and providing travel info
  • Ramp Planner: their duty is to provide information about the landing of flight and takeoff of flight.
  • Reservation Sales Agent:Reservation sales agents provide travel information over the telephone to customers of the airline.
  • Sales Representative: they promotes their airline services.
  • Crew Schedule Coordinator: their job is of staffing of aircrew and ground support to keep flights on schedule.
  • Airline Station Agent: these maintain both flight and ground support operations and involves coordinating flight crew, cargo crew, baggage crew, ground crew.
  • Airline Flight Instructor:Airline flight instructors may be senior pilots who fly for the airline.
  • Aviation Attorney:Aviation attornies represent airlines and/or the government.

Educational qualification needed:

Aviation industry:-

  • B.B.A. in Airport Management
  • Diploma in Airport Management
  • Commercial Pilot Training (CPL):a candidate should have passed 10+2 with physics and mathematics
  • Diploma in Aviation Hospitality
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • B.Sc. in Aviation

Ground crew:

Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training

Air hostess:

Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Air Hostess Training

Management staff:

Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing Management

Other Jobs in Aviation Industry

  • Flight and Ground Instructors.
  • Flight Dispatchers.
  • Aviation Psychologists.
  • Aviation Doctors.
  • Flight Purser.

College options for aeronautical engineering( aviation industry):

  1. Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi
  2. Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur
  3. Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering and information, Pune
  4. A.J. Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  5. Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Hyderabad
  7. Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  8. Wings College of aviation technology, Pune