The Ukraine Crisis has been deepened a lot on which the India recommend to stop the violence and resolve the conflicts through meetings and dialogue. Know what was the respond to this:

On Monday a rare emergency meeting was organised in the United Nations in which India was also present. This meeting was organised a few days ago in which India presented it’s thought over Ukraine Crisis.

India is highly concerned because of the devastating and deteriorated condition of the Ukraine because many Indian Citizens are struck there.

New Delhi is doing whatever it can to undertake immediate and urgent evacuation efforts of Indian nationals still stranded in Ukraine.

Tirumurti’s statement:

Tirumurti said that all these conflict can only be resolved by sincere and honest dialogue and confession however, he told the general assembly the efforts of our Prime Minister.

And also said “My government firmly believes that there is no other choice but to return to the path of diplomacy,”

“India is deeply concerned that the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate. We reiterate our call for immediate cessation of violence and end to hostilities, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti said.

“My government firmly believes that there is no other choice but to return to the path of diplomacy, he added.

Prime Minister Modi’s Appeal:

In the conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Modi reiterated his call for an immediate cessation of violence and a return to dialogue and expressed India’s willingness to contribute in any way towards peace efforts.

In the telephonic call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, PM Modi requested for an immediate cessation of violence and his told about his contribution to bring their Indian hostilities.

More Information Regarding The Topic:

Currently, India is evacuating its citizens through Moldova, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Solvakia.

India thanked every country who has opened the border to let the Indian citizens reach their homeland and offers to the help them as well if any of this citizen are trapped in Ukraine.

India on Monday decided to send relief supplies to Ukraine to deal with the humanitarian situation along its bordering areas arising out of tens of thousands of people attempting to flee the Russian invasion.

India had abstained on the resolution, along with China and the UAE while Russia voted against and 11 Council members in favour.

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