YouTube to launch it’s custom voiceover for shorts soon.

YouTube has launched the shorts feature which is a great rival of Tiktok few months ago.The youtube has launched this feature just after tiktok got banned in India.

Earlier YouTube shorts allows the creator to make 60-seconds video which they can edit in the app through basic texts,captions, colour correction,filters,etc.

But now YouTube is on the way to launch the voiceover feature just like tiktok so that user can add the their voice without using a third-party app.

How do we came across this information?

In the code of a beta version of the app the XDA developers have found the hints of it.It was spotted in a teardown of YouTube for Android version 17.04.32_beta. The feature is already available on TikTok.

How the shorts is going to change?

At this time this app only allows an android user to record a 60 second video and after that they can add tracks from YouTube library.

If someone wants to add a voiceover in their videos they have to edit it through another app.

But on adding this feature creator will get a button which will help in overlaying a custom (pre-recorded) track over the clip which is made.

Is it useful?

We already know it is going to be really useful for shorts creator.

It is a heavily-used feature on the ByteDance-owned platform. However, it will help the creator to be unique and create the best content.

The Google has already designed it for Instagram reel and tiktok now YouTube will also get profit out of it.

Does the YouTube encourages shorts creators?

The company rewarded the creators for their viral videos with setting up a fund of $100 last year (2021-2022). YouTube further said that the earning amount of any creator will depend on the viewership and engagement of the video.

When is this going to be launched?

The company has not declared any such information about it.But it is likely that this feature will me rolled out with future beta release.However, currently any timeline is not known.

And it would be really interesting if this is true because it will give a tough competition to tiktok and Instagram reels.

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